Feb 14, 2011

The Born of The Prophet Muhammad

Our Beloved Prophet

This is a right time to have a great fresh memory about our beloved Prophet Muhammad for what he had done before. With his full commitment, he take the challenges in facing and confronting the Jahiliyyah people for spreading the Islam.

With tears and paint, the prophet did not easily give up and had no tolerance in his spirit for introducing Islam in this world. By looking at the history, how hard the prophet had to feel the threat and pressure which had been given by the Arab people during that time who worship the Idols.

Some of them want to kill him and love to see our Prophet Muhammad died. Even, there were many occasions where the life of the Prophet been threatened by the assassins who had been hired by the arab people itself. Besides, his uncle, Abu Lahab and Abu Jahal were said to involve in the conspiracy of the killing of the Prophet.

However, the God, Allah is the best in managing his plan. Even tough there were conspiracies to kill the Prophet, all will make them fail and save the HIS Messenger.

Its really sad when our own family tried to kill us, especially our beloved uncle. How do you feel?

The born of the Prophet Muhammad bring a lot of meaning in teaching us how to become a good human being. Before this, people living in ignorance and always fighting each others. Humiliating others is part and parcel in their lives.

That is the reason why the prophet said that :

"Innama buith tu, li utammima maka rimal akhlaq"
Justify Full
"The purpose that I had been send to this world is to teach the people about the ethics and to correct behaviors"

Thus, it is material and important to strongly remember toward our prophet about his sacrifice and contribution in teaching the wonderfulness of Islam. Without him and his companions, we know nothing about Islam and we are totally live in ignorance.

Last but not least, in conjunction with the birth date of the Prophet, let us celebrate it by having a strong remember about HIS contributions and donate HIM by reciting al-Fatihah.



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