Dec 10, 2010

World War 3?

World War 3?

Recently, it is quiet shock to know that we are having our World War 3. How on earth this could be happened? It cannot be imagined that the World War 3 are going to be happened. As such, it is necessary for us to know what had happened in recently especially when it involved with our neighborhood countries.

The conflicts between North Korean and South Korea should be settled down by the United Nation, although it seemed to be quite difficult in the presence of the ‘VETO’ power by the 5 permanent members of United Nation. (US, Russia, UK, China, France)

However, sadly enough that the US Government, acting as world police, trying to put the both conflicting parties in the hot zone by having a joint military drills with South Korea. Their interference actually meaningless for the sake of both parties and in fact, it will become worst.

If the problems cannot be solved, it would affect the stability of the economic currency and the relationships among the Asians countries. Of course, there will be some of the Asian will support or vote for, either, South Korea or North Korea. And, it will lead to the separation and disparity among the Asian countries.

This what the US and other Western countries waited for and they really love to see Asian countries fight each other so that they can control the Asian people in their hand.

However, as a result, we as a Malaysia, part of the Asian, will also be affected by this conflicts and it will caused chaos and a lot of trouble in Asian market business.

The reason is that, a war between North and South Korea, actually, will give a big impact to many Asian countries and it will cause instability in the Asians. People are afraid to invest and having trading transaction as the Asian market are slow, not safe and insecure by reason of War.

Therefore it is really material that the war should be avoided at the first place, otherwise the Asians countries should bear the consequences.

Actually, if we indentified properly from the facts and circumstances, it shows that there are hidden agendas why the US Government get involved and wish to interfere in this matter. It can be said that the US Government have their own interest in creating a war.

That’s why the US Troops kindly enough to assist the South Korea by having a joint military drills.

However, bear in mind that, the US Government would not assist or give their help for free. There are always an exchange for what they had given. So, it can say that they are not really sincere in helping other for what had done in Iraq and Afghanistan.

US Government declared war against terrorist toward Afghanistan and Iraq, but actually their truly intention is to exploit the uranium, oil and gas over the land. The declaration against terrorism was just a platform to legalize their unlawful action.

In a nutshell, the Asians should play their role for seeking a peace declaration or mutual agreement between North and South Korea in order to resolve the conflicts for the sake of Asian.

Written By :
- Ash -
a.k.a. : Hujjati Qalam

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نور أميرا بنت أمينورالدين said...

As an asian, what is our role to remove the war?as u said that "the war should be avoided at the first place"..

in ur opinion, should asian must have a diplomate relationship with US?